May 26, 2008
    Yes the J-Spot is alive. I even have a new map for the 2 or 3 people out there who actually still play custom Quake 2 maps. You know who you are! Sticking with the hmm series, the new one is called Death Blooms. Somewhat on the smaller side, should be good for 1v1 or small ffa. So go check out the screens and download the map
here and frag a friend or 2!

September 9, 2007
    Got 2 new maps up for download today. Trying something different here. After making The House of the Flying Rabid Hamsters, I found out I do like the stock textures, well some atleast. So I am doing a few more using all stock stuff, trying for the original Q2 feel, and calling it the hmm series. The first 2 are
Clenching the Fists Of Dissent and Aesthetics Of Hate.

July 18, 2007
    Looks like the site isn't dead yet though I do have a new home. I also have a new map for the few out there who still play Quake 2. This map goes by the name of The House of the Flying Rabid Hamsters. I always wanted to try doing a map by the Vertigo Mapping rules and had nothing better to do one night so this is what I came up with. Should be fun for maybe 4 players but definately rocks for 1v1. you can find the map

September 25, 2006
    After a long break from mapping I finally got back to it and have a new release up for download today. The map is called Palindromatic Visions, a little shout out to my critics. Once again I have gone for the Gothic look, seems to be my favorite. The map is well suited for 6 players or so so fire it up and enjoy!